The Compassionate Mind

To think that the compassionate mind, the fully compassionate mind can effect healing to all sentient beings in ceaseless space is an idea beyond intellect.

To realise that by practising the fully compassionate nature of mind, that natural nature of mind we come into this world with (yet it is hidden within the dualising conceptual mind), to realise that such unsurpassable compassionate practise benefits uncountable beings, is astonishing.

To attain the fully compassionate nature of mind, is something every being has the potential to do.

To see, meet or converse with such a ‘realised’ one moving through this planet is a privilege beyond explanation.

To see meet, hear or converse with such a one, is the technical physical description of the term ‘blessing’. One could not be more fortunate than this, since immediately the seed awakens, the blessings water the seed and primordial mind stirs.  In a vital sign, the subtle wind of memory brushes against the stirring seed and one’s journey toward the heart of the matter.  The pith inner imprint begins to arise, and one is on the trail, one has entered ‘The Way’. . . even though one may not know. . . one is warming to the outrageous, stupendous, impossibly fantastic notion of our becoming a being of a different ethereal fabric without description via one’s wisdom and compassion marrying one’s own awareness.


If my tears, if only that

Could bathe all the harm done

Of all those who have, are or will suffer


If only my voice, if only that

Could caress away all the hurt done

Of all those who have, are or will suffer


If only my jokes, if only that

Could forgive all the wounds inflicted

Of all of those who have, are or will suffer


If only my thoughts, if only that

Could soothe the tattered minds

Of all of us who have, are or will suffer


If only my every action, if all of that

Could enlighten all living beings


Then I could suffer my suffering with pure clarity


There is no choice

One must

Dance and fall: laugh and cry

Love, be loved and left: joy and tears

Frolic and stumble: swan and fly

Link and be alone

Not yesterday nor tomorrow

All of the above and below

One day rich, another not

Cry and hold

Bejewel and bedeck

One must

Tiptoe and thump: spin and sprawl


Fall down: get up

Yell and shout

Hold on: let go

Slinky and saucy

Lippy and laugh

Blunder and brilliant

Not before or after

One must