Creatives for Regenesis

Through Regenesis BMCAN is seeking to harness the creative energies of the community-based arts and culture sector to tell the new story of regenerative living. Linked to the Blue Mountain City Council’s Planetary Health Initiative and the work of the Australian Earth Laws Alliance, this story is reshaping policy frameworks from agriculture and economics to health, urban and community planning and environmental management.


The Referendum to recognise Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and enshrine their Voice to Parliament and Government in the Australian Constitution is an acknowledgement that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people hold a unique place in our culture and history as Australia’s First People. This is something that people, like Senator Hanson and her supporters who are opposing the Voice, find difficult to appreciate, and who resent it.

Catalogue of Articles by Barbara Lepani July 2018-July 2023

I have produced this catalogue so that readers can find articles about topics that interest them, from the many blog articles that have been posted since July 2018.  This enables you to search by subject as well as topic, and read a short synopsis of what the article is about.

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Reimagining Conservation in Australia

Recognising First Nations Knowledge Systems Thanks to the Blue Mountains World Heritage Institute's recent newsletter, calling for us all to become Blue Mountains Guardians of this precious area of Australia, I found out about this important forum for reimagining conservation in Australia by bringing together First Nations scholars and knowledge holders with non-Indigenous scholars and [...]


Ruminations at the Car Boot Sale The too early Sunday morn dashing its chill upon us’s two wrapt in warm knee length coats with words of mist coming from our chatter, she and I at an open-air Car Boot Sale Market beside a pristine, glistening river way, way too early. Slowly lookers arriving, strolling up […]

Notes from ‘Hospicing Modernity’

Hospicing Modernity Facing Humanity’s Wrongs and the Implications for Social Activism (North Atlantic Books, 2021) There is a growing realisation that we may now be facing the cultural dying of the modern era as a set of beliefs, knowledges, and institutional practices and structures that have shaped global societies since the 20th century with growing [...]

O U R  S T O R Y …

The Regenesis Collective project has been established by the Greater Blue Mountains Creative Arts Network as a home for creatives of the Seven Valleys (Lithgow) and  Blue Mountains community to explore and celebrate the connection between the magical beauty of the Blue Mountains World Heritage Area and our creative energies and social engagement as we join the new zeitgeist of regenerative thinking across all aspects of society—agriculture, food production, economy, urban planning, laws, community and cultural production. Part of this new zeitgeist is the growing interest in re-wilding, both of the natural environment’s ecology of plants, insects and animals, and in terms of human re-wilding.  The reconnection with the ‘inner-wild’ that part of our psyche that yearns to be free of packaged, monetised, consumerism. That seeks to be free of the limitations of rational materialism—that dances to the tune of more liminal vibrations, of poetry rather than prose.

This is challenging the old story of extractivism that has shaped Australian since white settlement, bringing with it the interlinked problems now facing our society—climate change through global warming from fossil fuel emissions, environmental degradation of soils and waterways, extinction of many plants, animals, birds and insects, negative impact on coral reefs and wild fishing resources, rising levels of wealth inequality and insecurity associated with homelessness, poverty and social conflict. And with this a rising tide of ‘mental illness’, experienced as anxiety, depression, and profound loneliness that no amount of material wealth can assuage.

Through our projects, blog posts, events and publishing, we are inspired by the way in which the songlines of Australia’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures have kept their culture alive through the arts—through storytelling, song, dance, performance and painting—across millennia for more than 65,000 years. As we embrace this new zeitgeist of regenesis, based on a relationist logic we wish to see how we can contribute to this new story through the arts, creating a new songline of regenesis reshaping our society and our sense of who we are and what we stand for.

Through the creative arts we can all experience the idea of ‘co-becoming’ which the Women Elders of North East Arnhem Land tell us is the correct way of understanding life.  As Gundungurra Elder, Aunty Sharyn Hall explains, this idea of ‘co-becoming’ is intrinsic to the way we understand County (Ngurra).

Ngurra takes in everything within the physical, cultural, and spiritual landscape – landforms, waters, air, trees, rocks, plants, animals, foods, medicines, minerals, stories, and special places. It includes cultural practice, kinship, knowledge, songs, stories, and art, as well as spiritual beings, and people: past, present, and future.