Encountering The Wild Event Video

What is ‘country’? What does it mean and why is it important?

The Wild Mountain Collective is a community of artists, poets, philosophers, writers and musicians who seek to deepen our engagement with the ‘more than human world’, through a pivot from the dominant storylines of techno-capitalism to that of an eco-centric worldview.

Can this pivot enable us to turn towards the way in which First Nations cultures use song, story, ceremony and art to deeply feel their sense of inter-being with the natural world?

The evolution of Western culture and its worldview has left us feeling separate from this world—lords and masters of it—its fragile and rich bounty there for us to exploit and despoil at our whim. The galloping impact of techno-capitalism since the 19th century Industrial Revolution has brought us to the brink of large scale species extinction, pollution of the air we breathe and the water we rely on, environmental degradation of the land, and the dynamics of climate change that promise to bring extensive devastation to large areas of the Earth.

By inspiring a deeper understanding of our relationship with the natural world, our connection to ‘country’ and sense of inter-being, we can attempt to shift that dominant Western worldview.

Enter – the Wild Mountain Collective:

“To cultivate the wild within us, bring it forth and nurture our spirit in any way we can”.
– Barbara Lepani, Founder

The Wild Mountain Collective is a project of the Blue Mountains Creative Arts Network (BMCAN).

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Video production by Ryan Jasper
Music by Audio Network & Maizy Coombes
Production assistance by Tom Zubrycki
Drone footage by Brad & Lyle Diedrich