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Cut the Sky—Marrugeku Speaks to Climate Change and the Colonial Inheritance

References This post draws on two sources—both have profound insights for how the arts might respond to the core challenges of our times: Climate change and environmental destruction of Planet Earth through the cult of 'economic growth' Responding to Australia's contested history and the Uluru Statement from the Heart Escaping the prison of only Western [...]
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From Transactional Living to the Gift Economy

Maleny Eco Village “Sacred Economics” by Charles Eisenstein Collective Stewardship Our ‘collective stewardship’ model was already too radical for most Australians. But we wanted to push ourselves further. We started the project by charging ‘rent’ (although we preferred the term ‘weekly contribution’) using an algorithm to decide how much each person pays – […]

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Two Catchy Poems

INTRINSIC LACE In the mornings it was always clear The beautiful shyness would reappear Together travelled gently, probing the ways That resulted from their prior days Cocoon-like internal universe was in place All wrapped up in intrinsic lace Of their own manufacture, the best of choice Saying proudly each with their own independent voice Ah [...]
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The tickledness of joy giggles within Innocent bliss bubbles and ripples The flowers watching on unfold more Upon the early summer verandahness That deep yearning for yet uninvented words For to technicolour your vision Sea green leaves a’splash with mirror silver Blossoms, a speechless pink red, indescribable, Leaf, yellow more pure than gold Her royal […]

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