Month: October 2022

The New Face of Extractivism—Digital Ghost Workers

Extractivism Dr May Graham, a Queensland Aboriginal Elder and Academic has neatly summarised the essential contrast between the relationist ontology of Australia's First Nations cultures, which has underpinned the 65,000 + years of their continuous, sustainable and adaptive way of living in Australia, and that of the extractivist ontology that underpins global capitalism in all [...]
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Ancestors and Lineal Connections in Multicultural Australia—The Third Archive

Australia's Cultural Foundation Australia finally acknowledges that our cultural foundations lie with the 65,000 years+ history of First Nations cultures, the oldest continuous civilisation on Planet Earth, encoded in the Songlines that criss-cross Australia and which acknowledge the immutable LAW of the interdependence of life—of all living forms, the Earth itself and the swirling solar [...]
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