Introducing Robyn Catchlove

On the mike at Radio Blue Mountains FM 89.1

Barbara Lepani: I recently met Robyn on a film shoot for Kalani Gacon’s new film, Sole, created through the Mountain of Youth Film Project.  We got talking and discovered we had much in common, including dharma connections with Tibetan Buddhism.  I read Robyn’s published book, ‘Somewhere Down a Crazy River’ (2010) and recognised someone with a wonderful gift for language.  I’d already heard about her work with Radio Blue Mountains from Brad Diedrich, so I invited Robyn to become an author on the Regenesis Collective blog.

Robyn Catchlove is an author and poet, with a wicked sense of humour and rich facility with the English language.

Her restless, nomadic life in search of true love saw her spend time as a professional fisherwoman wrestling crocodiles, sharks, and cyclones in Cape York and the Gulf of Carpentaria, where she encountered the world of men with big hearts but rough manners on the margins of society. Other encounters included wrestling with different kind of sharks and men as a Used Car Yard Manageress on the famous Parramatta Road. Ever versatile, Robyn also earned her living selling negatively-geared island properties to coal miners in the outback, as a Promotions Officer for the South Australian Jockey Club, an entrepreneur of various ventures in the outback and Sydney markets, and owner-operator of a share trading education platform.

Robyn’s life finally took her to an encounter with Tibetan Buddhism, a journey to Tibet with Khejok Rinpoche and work with the American Buddhist teacher, Tsultrim Allione, for whom she managed a three storey Tibetan Buddhist temple in the Rocky Mountains of the US.

Robyn now lives in Katoomba in the Blue Mountains where she gets involved with various creative ventures, offering up her playful, wicked humour. Here is heer first offering of poetry for the blog.

Poetic Musings

Swirling Vortex Reflecting Itself


The pen is impatient, hot in my hand.

Without it, away from paper, my mind still writing, I am the pen.

I want words which have not been invented, for my pen to sear the papyrus,

to submerge in life’s liquidness,

to swallow pureness,

for magic appearance fairies to manifest tinkerbelle dust swirls,

to reach into the density of fecundness,

make fart lips and buzz blow on consciousness’s juice plasma,

plunge into waterfall froth,

drink fish peach,

orgasm from the true love’s foundation,

to breath underwater, swim in the sky, to eat the earth,

always be shy in the face of genius,

have music become my body,

for living wisdom symbols to appear physically from my mouth,

to hug the hearts of all the people I love and don’t,

to stick my face in a big woman’s tits and warble,

to walk every old person I see safely to their doorstop,

to sing in the twilight language,

to pull words from the firmament,

from my smile to everyone in my pathway, give full radiance,

be my path’s roar till the stars roar too,

do a consciousness faint into the wonderment,

be in the waste lands and know they are pure.


Nirvana-samsara, good-bad, something-nothing same-same,

to cast indescribable mind-stream-luminous gone-beyond word spells deeper than immense ad infinitum,

oh enchanted she bronze brumby gallop, generous wedge tail eagle whoosh, stubborn wombat scuffle, diplodocus footprint,

to plunge scrolling dervish into the universal centre,

to have yet unheard unwritten sounds scorch wisdom upon the planet,

profound indelibility on all which is,

to be on the inside of a tree and hear the forest talking,

to gaze into the galaxy for an eon,

oh swirling people jam on the vast limitless deepness of the infinitesimal galaxy ocean, may every living creature be a see-through shimmering image going toward their destiny …

to heal this planet, to get well, dip into the revelry, revolve, evolve, please precious beings evolve,

Swirling people jam on the vast limitless ocean of the immense galaxy ocean. I see it as a twin vortex reflecting itself…


Oh scribe, smithy of words, anvil red hot forge me a mightier sword than the pen, hush now, heel, ssshhhhh, nestle into slumber, walk in dreamland, and see what ever is there.