Month: November 2021

The Ecology of Revelation

Insights from Tibetan Buddhism The Buddhist scholar, Antonio Terrone (JSRNC 8.4 (2014) pp. 460-482), has explored how the Tibetan Buddhist terma (treasure) tradition of revealed teachings is based on forming an interdependent exchange between humans and the land they inhabit.  The terma tradition is associated with the 8th century mystic Padmasambhava who is credited with [...]
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Linking Ancient Songlines—Art/Science Collaboration with Elders

The Genestream Sculpture Sculpture Designer, Ben Beeton: "When you walk into this sculpture you represent humanity…there's that sense of responsibility, that sense of heritage and — as the Indigenous people will tell you – that stewardship of the land." It is hoped the sculpture will be the first of more than 100 artworks linking ancient [...]
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