Month: July 2019


Samuel Alexander, Entropia, 2019 When industrial civilisation collapsed in the third decade of the 21st century, a community living on a small island in the South Pacific Ocean found itself permanently isolated from the rest of the world. With no option but to build a self-sufficient economy with very limited energy supplies, this community set [...]
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Mindscaping Tibet—Dan Smyer Yü

Dan Smyer Yü (2015) Mindscaping the Landscape of Tibet: Place, Memorability, Ecoaesthetics Religion and Society, Vol.60, Walter de Gruyer, Berlin Dan Smyer Yü is a Professor and Founding Director at the Centre for Trans-Himalayan Studies, Yunnan Minzu University, a core member of the Transregional Research Network at the University of Göttingen and a Research Group [...]
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Chosen by Lorraine Shannon, Coordinator of the Wild Mountain Collective's Exploring Ideas occasional seminar series From: Graham Harvey, Animism: Respecting the Living World. Wakefield Press, South Australia, 2005. Graham Harvey argues in this book that a new understanding of animism can contribute significantly to contemporary debates about consciousness, cosmology and environmentalism. Notions that ‘animism’ is [...]
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