Month: January 2023

Ruby’s Beginnings – set in Australia’s early 1950’s—by Robyn Catchlove

God Goes Everywhere God goes everywhere. Maybe it was a vinegar stroke, certainly a masterstroke when He came to God’s Own Country. First Queensland, then the rest, not resting till He had initiated the faithful Vegemites into the right dream, The Great Australian Dream. Cellular Seducer. Fair dinkum. Dinkum enough for the bronzed, digger Aussies […]

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Oh…..oh…..oh The breathtaking, the mezmerising, the mystical, the….. the…… the…. everything The middle dark night sky’s lightening show And shockingly silent toooooo, Nary a sound thundering, But…..but…… but….. golden pink indescribable Simply unutterable flashing iridescentness Boogieing brightly within our black horizon clouds Nature’s fireworks… … as before the light goes out With our minds of […]

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Emerging – by Robyn Catchlove

The man’s nature seeps through As the rhythm quickens The shaft of music comes on strong Responding seems anything but wrong   Taking more care now He, Quizzical, sea shell hearing Fast talking, straight ‘nd strong Brick moustache, cheshire smile Survives by plucking his own beat Each chord increasingly sweet   His past life cycle […]

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