Month: March 2019

Ryan Jasper Walsh—Filmmaker

Ryan is a young Australian documentary director, editor and film practitioner specialising in intimate, non-fiction storytelling, who is part of our Wild Mountain Collective community. Since returning from 4 years living in China, Ryan has turned his focus to storytelling about issues of climate change and ecological destruction. The recent mass fish kills in Menindee [...]
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Quote for Week Ending 8 March 2019—Lorraine Shannon

Our Once and Future Planet, Paddy Woodworth, University of Chicago Press, 2013. Our Once and Future Planet explores the area of environmental experimentation and innovation known as ecological restoration. This is the practice of attempting to fix disruptions to the natural world caused by centuries of human activity. Woodworth provides examples from around the globe where [...]
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The Phenomenology of Perception

We know not through our intellect but through our experience. Maurice Merleau-Ponty (Eng. 1962) Sarah Redshaw gives us the following review of February's Monthly Meet gathering to discuss Maurice Merleau-Ponty's book, The Phenomenology of Perception, a ground breaking work in the history of Western philosophy: In contrast to the approach of the objective sciences, the [...]
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