Cancer One of the most pernicious diseases to afflict the human population is cancer, when the body produces cells that multiple and destroy it. Likewise the impact of the human dream of Progress as continuous economic growth and improved living standards through technological innovation and productivity (more with less) has translated into a ‘cancer’ that [...]


The Regenesis Collective has been invited by the Australian Earth Laws Alliance (AELA) to participate in a series of online events which they are holding for Earth Laws month, this September.  To connect with this free event visit: ABOUT OUR REGENESIS PROJECT The Ontological Challenge The Australian Government proudly claims that Australia's First Nations [...]

Introducing Anneliese

My name is Anneliese Senn. I grew up in the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney, and after some years of adventuring returned so that my children could do the same. I am studying creative writing at WSU and I am obsessed with reading, writing, trees, dogs, and old things. I aspire to be a serious [...]

Liminal Conversations with Mother Nature

James Lee of Earth Arts  has written that the arts are a catalyst for individual and community connectivity to place, and are an inclusive producer and communicator of new, or other, forms of socially and ecologically beneficial knowledge. I am interested in how the arts can open up liminal conversations with Mother Nature as we [...]

Conversations with Artist Jacquelene Drinkall

BMCAN’s Winter Exhibition at The Edge featured three large striking paintings by Jacquelene Drinkall that captured my interest.  As someone whose professional life was shaped by my experience as a sociologist of technological innovation, as a Buddhist practitioner for whom the idea of 'telepathy' has other resonances, and as someone deeply interested in ways of [...]

Antithesis Project: Sustainability to Regenesis

THE ANTITHESIS PROJECT After tuning into Adam Carrel from EY Australia talking on ABC's The Drum last night, I tracked down the recent report, 'Enough: A Review of Corporate Sustainability in a World Running Out of Time', from the Antithesis Project with which he is associated.  I've often listened to Adam Carrel with interest, as [...]

Thinking Differently – Negotiating Two-Way Learning

The Knowledge (Epistemic) Crisis The roots of our climate and environmental crisis are epistemic—they are based on a flawed knowledge system anchored in Western culture. Many First Nations’ Elders have called for Australia to adopt a two-way learning approach to incorporating First Nations knowledge systems in modern Australia, particularly when it comes to school education [...]

REGENESIS and Technology Futures

The Roots of Our Crisis are Epistemic The Regenesis movement recognises that the roots of our crisis are epistemic. They are anchored in our deeply held worldview about the nature of reality and the privileging of humans over all other species and lifeforms. They are also anchored in the relationship between humans and technology, particularly [...]


Recognising the Fractal Nature of Our Wondrous World Our world is not the linear world of euclidian geometry and the Western idea of PROGRESS as a linear pathway through time.  Our world is a complex system of fractals. A fractal is a never-ending pattern. Fractals are infinitely complex patterns that are self-similar across different scales. [...]

Creatives for Regenerative Living

Blue Mountains Creative Arts Network—Open Day As part of our commitment to connecting creatives across the Greater Blue Mountains, we are holding our 2022 Open Day on Saturday 30 April at the Gallery H complex at Dargan on the northern side of the Blue Mountains National Park, where the border between the local government areas [...]

Call of the Dakini | A Memoir of a Life Lived [Extract]



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