Taking Ayahuasca, the wisdom mother medicine was quite a shock. That is, I never expected the result it would bring to my life. Called Dieta, nine of us entered the 9 day retreat with the serious intention of healing our minds through knowledge by dieting intensively on wisdom plants and much less so on normal […]


HER MAJESTY   The tickledness of joy giggles within Innocent joy bubbles and ripples The flowers watching on unfold more Upon the early summer verandah   That deep yearning for yet uninvented words For to technicolour your vision   Sea green leaves a’splash with mirror silver Blossoms, a speechless pink red, indescribable, Leaf yellow more […]

Ruby’s Beginnings – set in Australia’s early 1950’s—by Robyn Catchlove

God Goes Everywhere God goes everywhere. Maybe it was a vinegar stroke, certainly a masterstroke when He came to God’s Own Country. First Queensland, then the rest, not resting till He had initiated the faithful Vegemites into the right dream, The Great Australian Dream. Cellular Seducer. Fair dinkum. Dinkum enough for the bronzed, digger Aussies […]


Oh…..oh…..oh The breathtaking, the mezmerising, the mystical, the….. the…… the…. everything The middle dark night sky’s lightening show And shockingly silent toooooo, Nary a sound thundering, But…..but…… but….. golden pink indescribable Simply unutterable flashing iridescentness Boogieing brightly within our black horizon clouds Nature’s fireworks… … as before the light goes out With our minds of […]

Emerging – by Robyn Catchlove

The man’s nature seeps through As the rhythm quickens The shaft of music comes on strong Responding seems anything but wrong   Taking more care now He, Quizzical, sea shell hearing Fast talking, straight ‘nd strong Brick moustache, cheshire smile Survives by plucking his own beat Each chord increasingly sweet   His past life cycle […]

White Male Fragility and Violence

Fathers and Male Violence This faded photo is of my father and mother in their old age. Now I am close to reaching that age myself. I know all about white male fragility and violence. My father was such a man. As a child I was just plain scared of him, and as soon as [...]

A Mother’s Love —Robyn Catchlove

Loves live light Intangible to touch Full of feeling Hidden within Seen from the outside Watch now, close your eyes See a mother cradling her own Close your eyes, look now What words? Profoundly unceasing? Dwelling deepness? Oh such labyrinth love, We can only wander in the wonder Of the blood oathing love Till death […]

Ideas for a Garden of Stones Caring For Country Festival

The Garden of Stones The Gardens of Stones is a treasure of Lithgow, the city of Seven Valleys: Lithgow, Hartley, Kanimbla, Megalong, Tarana, Capertee, Wolgan. With its sheer cliffs extending from Lithgow north to Capertee,  the Garden of Stones adjoins the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage area to the east, and lies just north of [...]


It was early last Sunday morning.   Up in North Sydney, I was driving with some or other destination in mind. Such a day was brewing, all filled with the bright, exciting wildness of a dark clouded raining storm, that’s what was coming. Fleetingly, something called out to my attention. I felt the car stop. I […]

Poetic Reflections on Aussie Paradise

AUSSIE PARADISE TIS Crafty gull of the sea surfing the wind Invisible roars waving at the shore Pure suds of bubble white Surfers aboard on the silverness of ocean She, incomprehensible Sand glistening cool into our bare soles The dimensionless blue brushing our porousness, our tearable skin Thonged strollers, their myriad dogs ‘Nd happy little […]

Call of the Dakini | A Memoir of a Life Lived [Extract]



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