In the mornings it was always clear

The beautiful shyness would reappear

Together travelled gently, probing the ways

That resulted from their prior days

Cocoon-like internal universe was in place

All wrapped up in intrinsic lace

Of their own manufacture, the best of choice

Saying proudly each with their own independent voice

Ah but how special it was to share

Those feelings so real and so fair

Then as each day moved into night

Their fine tuning climbed up into delight

Both with the care of the other’s ways

Prepared and wanting to express the sweet maze

Of bodily pleasure, the ultimate thought

Earnt by their right of mutual rapport.


Tatooed within

That lovely place

I go to

The mind

In play with

Those two soft delicatenesses, the eyes

Those readers of life

The sensational skin, feeling what is feeling me,

Protecting ‘nd shading ‘nd delighting

That’s hairy bits ‘nd pieces

The gangling four handy limbish lengths

Always going somewhere

The quizzical button marking our middle

That from which we have cometh

The clever orifices of waste removal

Fingers forging, lips chatting,

noses in and outing, ears at the rustle

The brow in furloughed land

The lovely lotus blossom glistening

The extraordinary plunger, for pleasure

‘nd business, always listening

All of the above, ever present

‘Nd that is only upon the outside

Of us quirky sumptuous selves