Please. I insist.

Our souls, our chi, our energy must be

Aglow, alight, asaturate of vibrancy

The primordial rainbow five


Of Earth, Water, Fire, Metal and Space

That’s scorching yellow, vividness blue, searingly red,

Glisteningest green, sparkling indigo,

That’s deep, fathomless, dazzling, dynamic, glowing

Abounding with pureness

Must be, alchemists we

Of mantra, of chant, of hymn must be

Soaring, resonating, resounding

Booming, billowing, echoing

In pure light of uninvented annointedly

Anyway of extraordinariness be we

Must be

In each of us sentient beings

Upon this astounding planet be

Listen, see, feel us’s now immediately

As with the cosmos we a’dancing be

Adash atango adornment we


Must be

A momentary thunderbolt

Go lightly go on, go brightly be

Dynamic You a mingling rainbow be

Open up now let you be seen.

Relax! There, you see.

I do, eyes see.



Loves live light

Intangible to touch

Full of feeling

Hidden within

Seen from the outside

Watch now, close your eyes

See a mother cradling her own

Close your eyes, look now

What words?

Profoundly unceasing?

Dwelling deepness?

Oh such labyrinth love,

We can only wander in the wonder

Of the blood oathing love

till death do they part

The most tenderest.

Of the blinding binding love


Dancing in the cosmos

Spaciousness of landscape

Intention and clarity

Us being momentarily

Together in the illusion



Oh that fate could be controlled

And I could have my milkshakes cold

Every horse I picked would be a winner

So’s I should shout everyone to dinner

All of life’s surprises would then be nice

If only I controlled the dice


Beer, I would make it always cold

And given away, never sold

Laughter would come in big mobs

Loving the same, in vast blobs

Life I would give a dash of spice

By exploding myths and poor advice

All necessaries like taxes and rent

I would then uninven