Uncertainty has always been here, now we’re noticing it.

Wakeful leaders, thinkers and NATURE herself, implore us to listen.

However, it may just be too hard to hear this knowing alone. Do we hide? Do we escape? Do we try to create ‘a normal’ from our cushioning among empty pillows of our habits rooted in the BUSINESS AS USUAL normal?

What can each of us alone, in our physical or mental isolation, do with  unprecedented unpredictability? Perhaps, we can start where countless cultures, for time immemorial, have started- we can choose to sit with; nature, one another, in circle and we can share and be heard.

Not to solve. Rather, to acknowledge and allow.

We live in a powerful time of possibility- if only we can allow ourselves to hear our voices in the cacophony of mass fear; in the deep wounding of our Earth and our humanness, and in all we we call life.  Can we allow our creativity to surface, our courage, our collective resilience?

What are you stepping into?

Our Reconnecting for Resilience workPLAYshops, encourage people of all ages to explore  with nature as our guide. We create experiential scenarios which find expression in solo, 1 on 1 and small group activities, including sharing and dialoguing in circles. We invite you to take our invitations as far as you like; guided by how far outside your comfort zone you are called to step.

We come together to

Hear ourselves
Hear each other
Hear the Earth
Allow change.

So many of us are seeking ground, scouting for direction in the great unravelling of our personal, work, communal and planetary worlds. More and more of us are coming to understand that doing this with others is not only a richer experience but one with more powerful results for ourselves, each other and all life on the planet.

Our huge gratitude to Joanna Macy and all who evolve the ‘work that reconnects’… You may like to check out website for a layering of the interrelated themes of deep ecology, deep time, systems theory & radical interdependence, which underlie the work we do.

As regards contribution, we ask that you consider your position in the moneyed economy. There are many right now who do not have funds and we hope to be able to include everyone. So if you are one who is or was ( now retired and comfortable) in the moneyed world, kindly make a financial contribution so that collectively, we can ensure that all are always able to CHOOSE to sit in a communal share space. 

All are welcome. No previous experience necessary.

“… people listened, so I could hear myself”

“I felt supported by the allowance, the freedom and the validation. Every voice is heard, supported, worked with, not forced to quieten.   Juli’s system/ structure of education is empowering”