As a follow-up to the post on regenerative living the quotes for September are taken from:

Daniel Christian Wahl’s book Designing Regenerative Cultures

Published by Triarchy Press, Axminster, UK, 2016. (Page numbers are not available for these quotes).To see ourselves not as individuals but as living in a pattern of relationships with others; and that pattern of relationships not as separate from but as part of the wider living systems of nature; and these patterns not as stable structures but as constantly evolving, emerging processes that stretch over generations, over aeons, over centuries.The aim of creating regenerative cultures transcends and includes sustainability. Restorative design aims to restore healthy self-regulation to local ecosystems, and reconciliatory design takes the additional step of making explicit humanity’s participatory involvement in life’s processes and the unity of nature and culture. Regenerative design creates regenerative cultures capable of continuous learning and transformation in response to, and anticipation of, inevitable change.The very process of engaging in conversations about what we can do together, in the place we inhabit and with the people around us, is a catalyst for the collective learning and awareness-raising that will make regenerative culture spread like a virus of infectious health. At the human scale of community we can co-create regenerative cultures that become a lived experience and expression of the narrative of interbeing.Biologically and ecologically inspired design and innovation offer an opportunity to root regenerative cultures in the ground of 3.8 billion years of life’s intelligence and ingenuity. The creative challenge of redesigning our material culture, our systems of production and consumption, our life-styles and economic systems offers countless opportunities for transformative innovation and design for regenerative cultures. In weaving the multiple opportunities for synergy and symbiosis into cooperatively integrated mosaics of diverse regenerative eco-social systems we are designing as nature.