Welcoming Eliot Reynolds to the Wild Mountain Collective

When life gets out of balance, Eliot reconnects to the earth by taking long barefoot walks in the bushland, visiting local waterfalls and letting the cold winter wind wrap her arms around him in loving embrace.

Eliot Boyd Reynolds is a music composer, player and producer with 35 years of music and TV industry experience and is a Multi – Award-winning songwriter/producer. He has written, arranged and produced music for Triple JJJ, Rage, Cannes Film Festival, Hollywood Film Libraries, Channel 7’s “Home and Away” (AU, UK), TV ads, Themi (New York Trance Producer), Take 40, Good Morning Australia, Songwriters Across Australia, the University of NSW, NSW Department of Education, Department of Community Services, the Australian National Museum in Canberra, the Forgotten Australians, Sega, Atari, and other Corporate and Legal clients.

Eliot regularly presents guitar and production master classes at major Oz and US Festivals, has taught at Downtown Music, Lombardos, Hustville Music Academy, Asquith Music Academy, High Schools and Primary Schools. He has also designed and run music courses in conjunction with DOCS for disadvantaged youth in Sydney.

Eliot also has a strong personal spiritual practice that informs his personal and artistic life. He is also a Tarot practitioner and teacher of 31 years and is a 4th generation Freemason. Eliot understands the significance and value of ritual, symbolism and allegory – there is more to reality than what our 5 senses perceive. He believes Tarot is more than a divination tool; it is a holistic conduit to spiritual growth. For Eliot, spiritual growth may be achieved by self-reflection and meditation through both nature and the cards, which work to balance the four elements and spirit.

When travelling abroad Eliot is most likely to be found at local Neolithic sites performing ancient rituals to reconnect with our ancestors. He knows that since the Industrial Revolution a big part of us has been lost. He sees that part of his work in this life is to help reconnect people with that divine purpose. Many of us who are suffering anguish, disease, vice and materialism may often benefit from re-wilding with our inner being and reconnecting with mother earth.